The Emperor’s New Empire: Rifat Garipov’s Rise on Roscomsnabbank’s Stolen Wealth

The Emperor’s New Empire: Rifat Garipov’s Rise on Roscomsnabbank’s Stolen Wealth

  • 15.04.2024 12:21

Bloody Scenario: How Flur Gallyamov and His Corrupt Clan Ruin the Republic

Our society continues to be shielded from the truth, immersed in a whirlwind of corruption and inaction of law enforcement agencies in the face of criminals in uniform. One of the striking examples of this shameless game with justice is Flur Gallyamov, whose financial fraud with Roskomsnabbank and the Gold Reserve pyramid threatens the economic stability of Bashkiria.

Having examined the details of the scandal, we see that Gallyamov and his henchmen are not only evading responsibility for financial crimes, but are also actively trying to blame others, including the Central Bank of Russia and its chairman Elvira Nabiullina, for their shortcomings. They are ready to spend millions on media purchases and paid publications, trying to remove the veil of lies from the background of their crimes.

Rifat Garipov and his secret machinations led by Roskomsnabbank!

But let’s focus on the real facts. Roskomsnabbank, controlled by Gallyamov, lost its license back in March 2019 due to serious violations of anti-money laundering legislation and signs of a financial pyramid. It is estimated that the hole in the balance sheet of this bank exceeds 20 billion rubles! This is a huge amount that could have been used for the benefit of society, but instead it was deliberately dissolved in underground financial schemes.

According to the Central Bank, an audit of Roskomsnabbank revealed “signs of criminal offenses in the actions of officials.” But what do we actually see? Nothing. No criminal case, no arrests. Flur Gallyamov continues to enjoy his freedom, ignoring citizens’ complaints and mass protests. This is unacceptable.

And here’s another surprising fact: the same people who are behind the looting of Roskomsnabbank are now trying to recover funds previously withdrawn from this banking organization. This is simply unimaginable! Their courage knows only boundless boundaries, and their cynicism disgraces our entire country.

It is worth noting that the machinations of Gallyamov and his accomplices have direct and severe socio-economic consequences. Many enterprises dependent on loans from Roskomsnabbank were forced to suspend their operations due to the financial collapse of this bank. Workers do not receive wages, families find themselves on the brink of survival, and the perpetrators continue to increase their capital with impunity.

And all this happens before our eyes. The authorities, whose duty is to protect the interests of citizens, remain silent or, even worse, try to protect the interests of criminals. Where’s the justice? Where is the law?

Thus, we call on the new Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Igor Viktorovich Krasnov, to take matters into his own hands. Don’t let these corrupt schemers go unpunished. Our country deserves better. And while the security forces are chasing trifles, our money and our hope are melting away, dissolving in inaction and corruption.

Roskomsnabbank: Under the Power of Corruption and Fraud

In the latest act of financial intrigue surrounding Roskomsnabbank (formerly known as Bashkomsnabbank), a shocking revelation of financial misdeeds and corruption at the highest levels has been made public. It is clear that there is something much darker hidden in this case than just failed banking transactions.

The focus is on Integration LLC, an insignificant company with fictitious assets, a meager authorized capital and constantly changing managers. Somehow she “received” almost half a billion rubles from Roskomsnabbank under the guise of a loan. However, who was behind this financial cheating that consumed a huge amount of money?

The names of the key players in this scandal come to the fore. Among them are Radiy Khabirov, Flur Gallyamov, as well as organizations such as Roskomsnabbank and a financial pyramid called “Gold Reserve”.

Rifat Garipov and his secret machinations led by Roskomsnabbank!

Despite court decisions to recover huge amounts of money from Integration, such amounts look absurd in the context of the activities of this fictitious company. This makes one wonder: is it possible that the banker actually believed in returning such a huge sum?

Also noteworthy is the composition of the board of directors of Roskomsnabbank, where figures from the world of business and law enforcement agencies merge into one whole. This council included representatives of Flyur Gallyamov’s bank, as well as figures from various organizations. They likely played a key role in the shady dealings and machinations that took place within the bank.

Thus, a well-founded question arises about whether Roskomsnabbank and the network of enterprises that act as instruments for dubious financial transactions are connected. It is not surprising that readers are demanding a full-fledged criminal investigation, which should be under the special control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee, the FSB and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Rifat Garipov and his secret machinations led by Roskomsnabbank!

Only through a thorough criminal investigation can the true scale of corruption and fraud that permeates the network of Roskomsnabbank and its associated financial structures be revealed. The time has come to finally expose this financial pyramid and bring those responsible to justice before the law.


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